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Place all the fashion photographs taken in a given year end to end, and what you have is a very long, very misleading footpath back to the blunt centre. Alternately, every year Fashion Images de Mode filters out the same-old same-old set pieces and the rehashed mediocrity to deliver the cutting edge of world fashion images – all in one binding. Globally recognised as a leading brand in fashion and photography, the rigorously selected shoots form a style bible for the year, crossed with a crystal ball into the coming seasons.Edited by Lisa Lovatt-Smith, this deluxe swag bag of sexy, shouty and brilliantly subtle victories for human decor features a meditation on the fine art of androgyny by Mariuccia Casadio with a photo essay from Annette Aurell, an indepth look at the legacy of Jeanloup Sieff by Tiggy Maconochie, and the personal choice of uber-chic photographer Terry Richardson.

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Author:Lisa Lovatt-Smith
Year Published:2001
Publisher:Vision On

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