Key Moments in Fashion : The Evolution of Style


“…fashion gains its own fame here through the creative and diligent efforts of five well-trained journalists-cum-production-artists….this historical volume nonetheless achieves an international flavor because of its look at all apparel customs from the 1890s onward. It begins with the House of Worth….It ends with a nod to athletic footwear; the impact that Nike, Puma, Adidas, and the like make not only on fashion but also on health trends. In between are wonderful keepsake photographs, illustrations, a broad sense of humor…and text that seduces any reader to believe fashion transcends mere fabric and stitches. A great overview for the curious and the committed.”–Booklist. “…show how…global events influenced the fashion world during the last century….illustrate influences as varied as the World Wars, motion pictures, pop icons…and the biker image….hippie movement, the disco scene, and punk culture…text…is quite readable, the photographs–all in color and accompanied by informative captioning–are great, and the price is affordable…Recommended…”–Library Journal.

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Author:Nigel Cawthorne
Year Published:2001

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