Khaki : Cut from the Original Cloth


Over the past decade, the fashion industry has witnessed a renaissance of the classic khakis that have been the casual pant of choice of such prominent historical figures as James Dean, Albert Einstein, John F. Kennedy, and Picasso. A term derived from the Urdu or Hindi word for “dust”, khaki originally referred to British uniforms invented by Lieutenant Henry Lumsden while stationed in India in 1846. Preferring the comfort and coolness of his pajamas to his uniform, Lumsden dyed his pajamas with the plant extract mazari to create a new uniform more suitable to the Punjabi climate. Today, khaki has become synonymous with a color and style of trousers. The popularity of khakis, which now rivals that of denim jeans, has recently influenced haute couture, with such designers as Yohji Yamamoto and Chanel using khaki in their own designs.Produced in conjunction with Dockers “RM” Khakis, Khaki: Cut from the Original Cloth is a compilation of over 100 historical and contemporary images, creating a veritable photographic history of khakis. Included in this fascinating fashion retrospective are Hollywood film stills, historical snapshots, and recent fashion and celebrity images by such acclaimed photographers as Annie Leibovitz, Peter Beard, Duane Michals, Cecil Beaton, David Bailey, Peter Lindbergh, Barbara Morgan, and Greg Gorman. Among the khaki enthusiasts portrayed in the photographs are Truman Capote, Johnny Depp, Dexter Gordon, Albert Einstein, Kate Moss, Marilyn and Bert Stern, Andy Warhol, and Picasso. The broad range of images presented in this collection underscores the ubiquity of khakis in fashion for over half a century.

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Author:Richard Harrison Martin
Year Published:1999

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