Lingerie : A Lexicon of Style


Written by cultural historian and fashion academic Caroline Cox, Lingerie: A Lexicon of Style explores the fetish and fun of underwear, referring to influential designers, historical trends, and other factors that continue to shape how we perceive and wear lingerie. A spirited, provocative, and thoroughly informed examination of ladies undergarments, Lingerie is a romp through more than 200 color photos accompanied by sparkling text that makes even the G-string seem faintly erudite. Beginning with that most controversial item of feminine garb, the corset, Cox explores just how far this confining contraption has progressed over the past 200 years. The bra likewise comes under scrutiny in a witty appraisal of its iconic appeal.Panties, stockings, and suspenders; slips, peignoirs, and camisoles; and athletic-inspired vests and briefs are all covered (and uncovered) in an expert, artistic, and elegant fashion. In Lingerie, Cox gets to the crux of the evolution of erotic style. AUTHOR BIO: CAROLINE COX is Principal Lecturer in Cultural & Historical Studies at the London College of Fashion. She broadcasts regularly on fashion for the BBC.

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Author:Caroline Cox
Year Published:2001
Publisher:St. Martin’s Press

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