Vintage Style : Buying and Wearing Classic Vintage Clothes


For any woman who ever wondered how to wear vintage clothing with panache, at last there is Vintage Style, the book that takes the mystery out of buying, wearing, and caring for vintage clothes. This is not about Victorian whites, poodle skirts, or boogie-woogie-bugle-boy outfits with peplums, seamed stockings, and snoods. It’s about vintage clothes as a mainstream choice, and this fully illustrated book shows just how easily the fashions of yesteryear can be incorporated into a modern wardrobe.Vintage Style tells you–and shows you–exactly how to get into vintage. It features more than one hundred specially commissioned photographs of thirty-six women (and one man) from all walks of life modeling classic vintage pieces as part of three different outfits–casual, workday, and evening. It is on these pages that one can truly see the extraordinary versatility of vintage clothing and also appreciate how to achieve that “edge” that only one-of-a-kind fashion can create. The “classics” section, shopping tips, and care suggestions that are included are full of helpful information for creating and maintaining a uniquely personal look.All in all, Vintage Style is nothing short of a money-saving source guide and an inspirational blueprint for understanding how to wear vintage clothes with style.

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Author:Ann E. Berman,Tiffany Dubin
Year Published:2000

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